RASYAN O-SOD BALM With Turmeric And Phlai (15g., 50g and 100g.)



100 g. 50 g. 15 g.


RASYAN O-SOD BALM With Turmeric And Phlai (15g., 50g and 100g.)

ทะเบียนเลขที่ G216/56

Apply and massage the balm to reduce hand and foot ache and beriberi. Help relief body joint, spine, waist, tendon, and muscle pains. Cure the body bruised, skin itchy, insect bitted. Relieve headache and dizziness. Use regularly will take more effectively.

DIRECTION : Apply the oil on palm and gently massage around the pain area until the oil absorb into a skin. Can be use frequently for external use.

INGREDIENTS : Curcuma longa, Zingiber cassumunar Menthol, Camphor, Borneol and another

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