RASYAN Crocodile Massage Balm (15g. and 50g.)



50 g. 15 g.

Categories : Products Balm and Oil Balm

Brand : Rasyan


RASYAN Crocodile Massage Balm (15g. and 50g.)

Rasyan crocodile massage balm have active ingredient as crocodile oil enriched with vitamin A, E, Omega-3,6,9 Fatty acid which nourishes soft and moisturized skin, heal a wound and burn treatment, heal scald, dry-itchy skin and sun burn. Crocodile massage balm also have anti bacteria properties and anti-inflammation, relax and relieve muscle pain.

DIRECTION : Apply 2-3 times a day on affected area. External use only.

CROCODILE OIL : Repairing cells and muscle and moisturizing skin. Omega 9 rejuvenate skin. Omega 6 relieve muscle pain.

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