Rasyan Anti-Dandruff Herbal SHAMPOO + Conditioner With soapberry & Soap pod 200ml.


Soapberry & Soap pod

Brand : Rasyan


Rasyan Herbal Conditioner With soapberry & Soap pod

200 ml.

 contains extracts

Makhamdee Buffalo
- Reduces fungus, reduces itching of the scalp and solves dandruff problems

Som Poi pods
- Contains saponins and tannins that help inhibit mold, dandruff and itchy scalp.

- Helps inhibit bacteria that cause dandruff, limonene, linalool in bergamot oil stimulates hair growth.

coconut oil
- Contain monolaurin to nourish hair soft and smooth Helps hair not tangle.


Rasyan Herbal Conditioner with Soapberry & Soap pod provides anti-dandruff, reduces itchy scalp by anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and performs treatment for damaged and colored hair. Bergamot reduces itchy scalp, anti bacterial and anti dandruff . Deeply moisturizing hair with Pro-Vitamin B5 and coconut oil which gives moisture silky soft hair and prevent tangled hair. Get thicker fuller hair and easy to style.

Direction : Massage hair with conditioner after shampooing and leave on for 2-5 minutes then rinse off.

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