ISME Centella Stretch Mark Repair Cream (100g.)



ISME Centella Stretch Mark Repair Cream (100g.)

Isme Centella Stretch Mark Repair cream is a nourishing cream contains Centella extract help preventing and removing stretch mark and scars. Glycoside from the Centella leaf enhances skin elasticity by promoting generating of collagen and elastin, stimulating skin cell repair process and rejuvenates your skin for smoothness and firmness. Enrich with B-Glucan helps to prevent wrinkles and the deterioration of skin cells. Vitamins B3, C and E helps hydrating skin which promote skin smooth and natural white.

DIRECTIONS : Apply cream on stretch mark area and massage 3-5 minutes. Use regularly twice a day after bath.

  • For Prevent & Reduce Stretch Mark
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight Gain + Vitamin B3, C, E
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