ISME Hair Blenching Cream Herbal Body Mask Spa (100ml.)



ISME Hair Blenching Cream Herbal Body Mask Spa (100ml.)

Bleaching Golden Hair Whitening & Smooth Reduce Irritation For Body.

ISME Skin Hair Bleaching Cream & Herbal Body Mask Spa is gentle formula mix from natural herbals to gradually lighten dark hair to be a less visible through golden shade. Also can reduce dead skin cells & lighten area of darkened. It is safe and easy way to lighten body, arm and leg hair.

Mask skin with ISME Herbal Whitening Body Mask Spa which contain with herbs and milk. Curcuma Longa reduce irritation, itching and brighten skin. Milk is natural moisturizer for soft and smooth ski.


  1. Thoroughly mixed ISME Skin Hair Bleaching cream with ISME Ammonium Bicarbonate Powder. Smooth the cream on body hair, masking sure that the cream is covered all wanted hair. Leave 15-20 minutes.
  2. Wash it away clear water. Hair will lighten to golden shade.
  3. Mix Herbal Body Mask with water. Apply herbal cream to you skin and leave it 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse off with water by using ISME Milky Mineral Whitening Moisturizer Shower Scrub.
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