ISME Whitening Under Arm Cream with Green Tea (15g.)



ISME Whitening Under Arm Cream with Green Tea  (15g.)

  • Refresh your underarm skin bright and clear.
  • Anti-Bacteria 

ISME Whitening underarm cream with green tea extract which is antioxidant and anti-microbial to help reduce accumulation of bacteria and keep skin smooth. Glycoproteins, Kojic Dipalmiate and pearl powder help to remove darkness and reveal bright skin. 

  • Green tea extract Kojic Dipalmitate pearl powder glycoprotein.
  • For underarm whiten, fresh and dry Confident fragrant long lasting whole day.

( Camellia Sinensis )

QUALIFICATION : Leaves of Green tea are accepted widely and popular in Asia and Africa with the useful ingredient for health such as polyphenol providing antimicrobial and super antioxidant. Lt reduces the accumulation of bacteria and adjust skin condition looking always smooth and younger.

DIRECTIONS : Apply whitening underarm cream on underarm morning and evening after cleaning your skin.

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