RASYAN Natural Coconut Oil 100% (90 ml.)


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RASYAN Natural Coconut Oil 100% (90 ml.)

Coconut oil is 100% is made by cold pressed process which is free of heat and chemicals with no rancid and safe for everyone. Coconut oil nourish skin, hair and used for body massage. It has moisturizer which enrich and firm your soft skin and reduce wrinkle. Coconut oil can be used for treatment black silky & shiny hair and anti dandruff. It's edible with saturated fat that won't cause an accumulation of fat but stimulate the metabolism.

DIRECTION : Apply on hair for nourishing black and silky hair and also can apply on body for nourishing firm & soft skin. Swishing oil in the mouth (Oil Pulling) about 5-10 minutes in every morning is for detoxification.

  • Oil Pulling
  • Hair treatment
  • Body Oil Spa
  • Extra virgin coconut oil 100%
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